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Heavily influenced by the UK rock scene, particularly The Clash , The Jam and Dr. Feelgood , [5] Chao and other musicians formed the Spanish/English rockabilly group Hot Pants in the mid-1980s. The group released a demo entitled "Mala Vida" in 1984, which received plenty of local critical praise but otherwise gained them little attention. By the time the group released their first album in 1986 the Parisian alternative music scene had taken flight, and Manu, his brother Antoine Chao, and friends such as Alain from Les Wampas formed Los Carayos to incorporate this sound with the rockabilly and punk styles of Hot Pants. Los Carayos remained a side project of the artists for eight years, releasing three albums in the first two years followed by a final album in 1994.

Here I'm talking about Stax Records , Otis Redding and how we choose the repertoire for my album Inna De Yard
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Ken Boothe Live And LearnKen Boothe Live And LearnKen Boothe Live And LearnKen Boothe Live And Learn

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