Byrds greatest hits

Press reaction to the compilation was largely lukewarm, with Bud Scoppa, writing for Rolling Stone magazine, criticizing the album's song selection: "If you were asked to put together an anthology album of one of the longest-lived, most productive rock groups ever, and you had the total output of the group to choose from, I'll bet you wouldn't come up with anything remotely resembling this album. It's not that the obvious selections aren't included, it's that so little else is." [10] Music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine described the album in his review for the Allmusic website as "not a bad sampling of the Byrds' final years, but Sweetheart of the Rodeo itself offers a better summation of the musical direction the Byrds took after 1967."

Byrds Greatest HitsByrds Greatest HitsByrds Greatest HitsByrds Greatest Hits

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