Trex get it on

We are licensed through Greenville County DSS (South Carolina), and for the most part, they have been GREAT about sticking to our criteria. We rarely get calls for kids outside of our preferred age range (which is currently 8-14 ish, but was 4-10 when we first started), and never for large sibling groups (we’ve requested 1-2 children at a time). With that said, there were certain types of cases that we did feel unprepared to take on while we are still inexperienced parents, and we get calls about those pretty often . That’s because the state is legally obligated to call all homes that meet their criteria, even if they know that the answer will be “no.” Well, newsflash – it can be hard to say no!

T - Rex dino game from Chrome offline mode ripped by @ Skipser . Press "Space" to start the game and jump your T - Rex . Use down arrow (↓) to duck.

“That’s got the president’s little thumbs tingling,” Kimmel said. “I guess he’s moved on from Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.”

The real work of dispensing with its prey was left to the dinosaur's massive and thick skull . T. rex had the strongest bite of any land animal that ever lived , according to a 2012 study in the journal Biology Letters. The dinosaur's bite could exert  up to 12, 814 pounds-force (57,000 Newtons) , which is roughly equivalent to the force of a medium-size elephant sitting down.

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T Rex Get It OnT Rex Get It OnT Rex Get It OnT Rex Get It On

"... autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower ... "